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UniLayer Partners With Naoris Protocol, Uniting Cybersecurity and Blockchain Technology

September, 1, 2022

UniLayer is proud to announce a partnership with Naoris Protocol, an innovative, blockchain cybersecurity company. This union strengthens both projects’ commitment to decentralized security and disruptive blockchain technologies, as they strive to realize the broad and massive potential that blockchain holds for security worldwide.

Naoris Protocol harnesses the power of blockchain technology and AI to protect any and all networked devices from cyber threats and other associated risks. Acting as a “decentralized cybersecurity mesh”, the protocol can convert any networked device into a node, eliminating single points of failure, and increasing security as the network grows.

As part of this exciting new partnership, Naoris Protocol will integrate its decentralized cybersecurity mesh into UniLayer’s infrastructure, providing an additional validation and cyber-security layer to reinforce and protect UniLayer’s cross-chain services. All devices within Unilayer’s technology stack will communicate securely and safely, devoid of any vulnerabilities inherited from Web2, thanks to Naoris.

Alex Belets, CEO and Founder of UniLayer:

“It’s great to partner with such a congenial project as Naoris Protocol. We share many goals and values - in fact, UniLayer’s tech team comes from the field of banking cybersecurity. We believe that by joining forces with Naoris Protocol, UniLayer's cross-chain solutions will dramatically reduce cybercrime in the world.”

David Carvalho, CEO and Founder of Naoris Protocol:

“We are very excited to partner with UniLayer. Their cross-chain services are crucial for Web3’s expansion, as they solve the interoperability trilemma in a frictionless manner. UniLayer’s next-level design will allow NFTs, DeFi, DApps, metaverse and gaming projects to access every chain. They are also prioritizing security, demonstrated by their embrace of Naoris Protocol`s approach to distributed security and trust. We look forward to scaling up with UniLayer for a safe and distributed future.”

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