Unified layer to gather native assets. Interoperability to make them work.

First UTXO-based EVM-compatible blockchain

True and Permissionless Interoperability

  • UTXO-based

    Inspired by Bitcoin, based and developed on UTXO model, UniLayer provides all UTXO benefits such as security, privacy and transparency and allows native interaction with Bitcoin-based technologies and crypto assets.

    Bitcoin network interaction, Taproot, Ordinals, Lightning support and many more.

  • EVM-compatible

    UniLayer Network is first UTXO-based fully EVM-compatible L1 network with seamless support of smart contracts and ERC standards, as well as MetaMask, TrustWallet and all other classic EVM wallets.

    For the native support of EVM and smart contracts components, UniLayer utilizes an aggregation mechanism to achieve full EVM support and compatibility.

  • Seamless interaction

    To show Ordinal token content with inscription in the Metamask NFT section?
    To convert ERC1155 into an inscription and transfer it using non-custodial Ordinals Wallet?
    UniLayer allows to do it all and more.

    Bitcoin, Ordinals, NFTs, advanced EVM smart contracts and taproots — get access to all of these facilities in a single place in an effortless manner.


  • Security

    UniLayer Network utilizes Onion type cascade signature which allows to sign a native UTXO transaction within the chain on behalf of the incoming RLP transaction. This technology is a unique advantage of the UniLayer and it was developed in close collaboration and under the strict supervising of well-known crypto security audit company SmartState.

  • Usability

    UniLayer supports every important piece of blockchain technology the current crypto market provides:

    • - All EVM-compatible wallets,
    • - All Ordinals wallets,
    • - All EVM dApps (up to Shanghai EVM),
    • - Taproots and Witness Program,
    • - Inscriptions and all custom signature logic (XRC20, runes, etc),
    • - RGB Contracts and BitVM (Tree++),
    • - Lightning Network compatibility.

  • Technology

    Logic in the Bitcoin is always spinning around something called script signatures, processed by Signature Interpreter. With an additional handlers for EVM logic and Ethereum type signatures of RLP transactions UniLayer is capable to process logic seamlessly from both ecosystems within a single UTXO.


Mixed type node
Mixed type node
Mixed Type Nodes combine the functions of Validators and Collators. They not only participate at the transfer level but also add an augmented layer of security thanks to the uDPoS algorithm they use.
Validators provide UniLayer cross-chain transaction security by participating in UniLayer Consensus.
Basic Node
Basic Node
L1 blockchain addresses that may contain both a wallet and a cross-chain smart contract.
Collators act as native nodes in partner networks. They collect information in partner chains, generate draft blocks using signed blocks, and create messages that UniLayer validators use for confirmation.

Potential of Interoperability: Use Cases

  • DeFi

    Try UniLayer seamless interoperability opportunities to boost your DeFi project advantages. Trade native $BTC and $DOGE as usual ERC-20 assets on Uniswap or equal. Gain an additional profit from the absence of centralized intermediaries. Use Gasless mode to pay gas fees in native tokens, enable payments from transaction body or choose gas payments in ULR to reduce fees.

  • NFT / Ordinals/ xRC

    UniLayer natively supports all types of both Bitcoin (whether inscribed or not) and Ethereum-based custom tokens and standards (BRC / ERC). UniLayer borderless interoperability supports seamless interaction between Bitcoin-based assets & solutions and standard EVM wallets and tokens.

  • GameFi

    Use UniLayer Bitcoin-family and EVM-based blockchains direct bridgeless compatibility to build truly interoperable GameFi projects. Combine unique features of different crypto networks, mix the fittest blockchain parameters, use Gasless mode to turn on fees in native assets, gain increased security level provided by the whole UniLayer ecosystem.

  • Metaverse

    UniLayer seamless interoperability and simultaneous support of both Bitcoin and EVM technologies allows the project to operate native BRC / NFT tokens over all of Metaverse project chains. Use Gasless mode to pay gas fees in native token from transaction body or pay in ULR to reduce fees.

  • Bridges

    UniLayer provides the perfect basis for a truly interoperable “bridgeless” bridge solution. UniLayer natively supports every core technology of each integrated network and allows to combine and mix all the best features of each network together in your perfect configuration. Use smart contracts to manage Bitcoin based assets - as simple as managing any ERC-20 token. Turn on Gasless mode to pay gas fees in native currencies. Take advantage of the enhanced security level provided by the entire UniLayer ecosystem.

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