• Version T0.2.1
    Updates, extensions, improvements, fixes
    • Release
    Git it

    Critical dependencies:

    • updated C++ standard to C++17
    • moving subdependencies to separated repositories as submodules
    • up to date EVM module


    • added Docker support
    • added arith_uint256 to the project
    • added core hash functions
    • using secp256k1 schnorr in signature processing
    • added important integrational logic for zerocoin
    • added indexers for spent/unspent amount and for block height
    • added leasing transaction ownership verification
    • added logevents and addrindex flags and functionality
    • added signature cache
    • added new OP_CODEs for script processing
    • added new base flags for script processing
    • added support for contract abi
    • added transliteration of base58 to evm-typed hexes
    • added ulr20 implementation of the token
    • implemented important logic in qtumstate manager

    RPC calls:

    • added new rpc method to create masternode
    • added rpc methods for: 
      • get hex address
      • from hex address
      • get transaction receipt
      • call contract
      • decode raw transaction
      • search logs
      • wait for logs
      • get block hash
      • generate to address
      • get storage
      • sign raw transaction with wallet
      • get staking info
      • get address balance
      • get address utxos
      • create wallet
      • load wallet
    • added statuses for new rpc methods


    • better QTUM engine integration
    • improved mempool and main.cpp interaction
    • improved refund mechanism on revert state
    • improved serialization for type and version of the block
    • improved validators voting mechanism
    • optimization for CMake process
    • optimized addresses encoding and decoding
    • optimized cmake for cryptopp
    • reworked rpc methods for validators
    • reworked sigcache and signing mechanics
    • reworked transaction primitive
    • reworked urlstringencoding
    • slightly reworked pblocktree and pstorageresult
    • completelty removed CULR library
    • removed CULR library dependency
    • removed old ethash and cpp-ethereum lib
    • removed rudimentary autoreconf files
    • removed unnecessary sudo prefixes in ubuntu installation script
    • removed unnesessary checks in main.cpp
    • removed unnesessary validation for masternode
    • removed unused checkpoints
    • removed unused screen in GUI


    • updated basic base58 functions
    • updated call contract rpc method
    • updated encoding and decoding methods for signature
    • updated interpreter logic
    • updated keystore methods
    • updated pubkey calculation algorithm
    • updated rpc generate method and fixed its params validation
    • updated serialization methods
    • updated singature bites and prefixes in chainparams
    • updated tests
    • updated univalue
    • switching keys algorithm to internal PKHash


    • static build for MacOS fixed + added support for last OS version
    • corrected testnet ports definitions
    • fixed byte ambiguity for msvc
    • fixed config.sub
    • fixed few missed cases in create contract logic
    • fixed incorrect market cap in the code
    • fixed incorrect marketcap calculations
    • fixed reward in leasing tx verification
    • fixed transaction verification mechanism
    • updated wallet logic (added missed rewards, missed tool methods and optimizations)


    • fixed a few incorrect links in the project
    • fixed amount of incorrect translations
    • updated installation/building instructions
  • Version T0.1.1
    Core blockchain (L1) functions, GUI forms, smart contracts logic
    • Release
    Git it

    Implemented Core Blockchain (Layer 1) functions:

    • Connection to nodes
    • Getting blockchain information
    • Operate Transaction inside (Send/Recieve/See)
    • Transaction Statuses
    • Transaction Validation
    • Wallet addressing
    • Masternodes


    Implemented GUI forms

    • Main page
    • Send form
    • Address managment forms
    • Masternodes forms
    • Settings and misc

    Implemented Smart Contracts logic

    • Publish the smart contract
    • Initiate smart contract execution

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