• Cross-chain dApps
    DApps will be able to run across all blockchain networks, unlocking cross-chain liquidity, allowing for effortless multi-chain scaling.
  • NFT
    NFTs will be freely transferable across all blockchains, and cross-chain NFTs will be designed to take advantage of the individual strengths of all networks.
  • DeFi
    DeFi will be able to access cross-chain liquidity, reaching out to a wider user base, as well as offering new options for users. Cross-chain implementation will be simple and inexpensive, and cross-chain arbitrage will emerge as a valuable strategy and tool.
  • CEXs, DEXs, and Wallets
    Trading platforms, both centralized and decentralized, will benefit from an expanded pool of liquidity, while traders and investors will enjoy simplified protocol interactions. Crypto holders will be able to initiate all transactions from a single wallet, regardless of the chains they use.
  • Metaverse and Gaming
    Metaverses and gaming platforms will be able to improve performance by combining features of separate blockchains, accelerating the development of a truly multi-chain multiverse.
  • Bridges
    Build your own ad-hoc bridge. The omnichain universal infrastructure will provide high-level security for all bridge solutions.
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  • UniLayer is aiming to be integrated with many other chains. Does Unilayer also plan to be integrated with Layer-2 Chains?
    Ideally, UniLayer will unite all the chains.
  • UniLayer says it aims at providing a more secure and cheaper infrastructure. What kind of security standards are provided in UniLayer?
    The refusal to use centralized services and the way the network is organized provides a trust-free ( unlike 'bridge' type solutions) cross-chain network.
  • Which smart contracts languages does UniLayer support?

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