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Twitter Spaces: The Future of Interoperability in Web3


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Alex Belets, CEO of UniLayer, will be joined by Art Malkov, former head of marketing for Ziliqa and IoTeX, for a wide-ranging discussion on Web3 interoperability, on Twitter Spaces, February 21st, 9:00 AM EST.

UniLayer’s 2022 concluded with the launch of its public testnet, and now the team is gearing up for the mainnet launch. Alex and the team are more excited than ever to be building a truly decentralized, interoperable future for the entire blockchain space, and this talk provides a great opportunity for Alex to lay out UniLayer’s vision, strategy, and roadmap.

Art Malkov is a leading digital marketer in the blockchain space, an advisor for Columbia University’s Lab-to-Market Blockchain Accelerator, and a frequent speaker at major blockchain events worldwide (Benzinga, NFT.NYC). As former head of marketing at some of the top blockchain projects in the industry, Art has participated in the space’s rapid development, and has a clear perspective on its direction and expansive potential. He views interoperability as the next great phase in the blockchain ecosystem’s evolution.

Tune in to an exciting conversation on The Future of Interoperability in Web3, on Twitter Spaces: February 21st, 9:00 AM EST.

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